Claire O’Connor

master placemaker/spacemaker
& brand midwife

Serving clients around the globe from Tucson, Arizona
(520) 904-0877

Since 1997, Claire has helped hundreds of clients shape inviting, intelligent, intuitively functional spaces, fueled by her passionate belief that:

  • Physical spaces can delight & inspire—and can even cause you to swoon

  • Design can be sensually nourishing

  • The built / designed environment has the power to restore the human spirit

  • The re-enlivening of historic architecture is a civic good

Her expertise is informed by extensive undergraduate studies in social and environmental psychology, years of experience as a interior design consultant, professional training in westernized feng shui, a BA in Holistic Human Development, and 30 years of serial entrepreneurial endeavors constellated around the theme of enchanted spacemaking.

Claire has been featured in numerous interviews and articles on both coasts on the power of the built/designed environment to impact human behavior and on the conscious ‘re-enchantment’ of the spaces we inhabit.

She’s been a member of several speakers' bureaus and has taught workshops online, and offline at IKEA, community colleges, bookstores, home goods/furniture stores, and adult education centers.

Read a more complete bio here and here.

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