What is ‘Brand Experience Design’?

Experience Design is closer in spirit to poetry, theatre, and even philosophy than it is to interior design and branding.
—  Bruce Sterling (2009)

Brand Experience Design crafts the entire client experience—from first touchpoint to last, in-person and online—with exquisite attention to the subtle drivers that generate visceral, joy-inducing satisfaction, such as:

People-Centered Spaces.png

When branding or rebranding, your online presence and marketing collateral are only part of the story. Your physical environment is even more central to how your clients experience your brand. Brand Experience Design creates a visceral, sensual experience of delight, throughout, that keeps them coming back for more.

We’ll consider every element of your client’s journey through your physical and digital space—and their sensory and kinesthetic experience of it.

Let’s put your wellness or hospitality business in the most powerful position for attracting a devoted and gratifying array of clients.

We’ll take an in-depth look at how your physical space can capture and captivate, while carrying your brand vision all the way through to the hearts, souls, and bodies of the folks you’ve set out to woo and wow.

Brand Experience Design consciously cross-pollinates your core ‘Brand Essence’ between the physical and digital worlds to create a layered, cohesive experience.

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