Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places where the vitality of the space may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike.
— John Muir

Delighted Clients


We've never had the experience of staying in a living, breathing art installation, until now.

This place is a unique intersection of art, architecture, history, and love of place—all touched by a light, wryly humorous hand.

We deeply appreciate Claire for creating this wonderful space—she has a true gift for creating peace and beauty.


What a brilliant, beckoning, carefree, light-hearted environment. Happiness resides here. Restorative! The colors—wielded like the fauve painters—extend and resonate. Everything is a feast for my eyes. Really impressed with the exquisite attention to detail evident everywhere you look.

Can't thank you enough for an enchanted, healing space. You've done it right! I'm leaving fully rejuvenated.

— Lynn Siefert

Beautiful, bold, bodacious! This place has a wonderful warmth.

We felt truly, completely at home as soon as we crossed the threshold. The lighting was perfect! That is so important to me, as most B&Bs don't have good lighting, or nearly enough of it.

AND such relaxing and meditative outdoor spaces—we tried every one. We're leaving refreshed + renewed.

— Vicki & Jim Melquist

This is one of the most enchanting, relaxing places we've ever stayed in. The inside and outside spaces are so inviting, you can't make up your mind where you want to sit and enjoy first.

The owners have outdone themselves.

On a scale of 1 to 10, we'd give our stay a 15! Thank you for creating and sharing this magical place!

— Matt & Tara Haldeman


Such a warm, inviting space! The soothing colors, the natural light, so many sweet, thoughtful, light-hearted touches throughout, the amazing linens and towels, and the well-equipped kitchen... all adds up to magic.

Thank you for creating such a gorgeous experience for us!

— Chris & Kim Hamel-Brown

What an absolutely delightful space—peaceful, restorative, cozy. Never before have we seen such passionate attention to detail. Grace notes everywhere; impeccably, tastefully thought-through.

Such care and love given to anticipating guests’ needs and comfort. Supremely impressive.

— Lisa & Shawn Hyatt

What an incredible place—that lovely room filled with light. To spend an entire week surrounded by the beauty of this space, it was magical.

Comfortable, charming and all-around wonder-full. Such attention to detail and inspired use of materials. Fantastic hospitality, a definite ‘10’!

— Cynthia & Don Dudenbostel

This place is an absolute treasure—magical, soothing, delightfully decorated, and beautifully appointed. Everything far surpassed our high expectations.

One of the most enchanted places we’ve ever experienced—a ‘15’ on a scale of 1 to 10. Thank you for creating a true sanctuary of a place here.

— Sasha & ron PeArson